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Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

In 2018 a St. Louis Jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.69 billion to 22 women who used Johnson’s Baby Powder. The baby powder was said to have caused their ovarian cancer. The case was appealed and they cut a deal to pay $2.1 billion. The case is still being appealed in the Supreme […]

Marion County Man Dies in Car Crash

Marion County – December 12, 2020 A man ran into a utility marker and metal sign with his car. The car later caught on fire on the side of the road. The North Central Florida man was driving on Sunset Harbor Road. He was pronounced dead on the scene. Read The Original Article : WCJB

Truck Driver kills man on Motorcycle

Summerfield, FL – December 8, 2020 An Ocala man was involved in a motorcycle accident and a truck accident. The motorcycle owner, who died a few months back was impaired when driving. He has a blood alcohol level of 0.087 and also was under the influence on marijuana when driving his Suzuki motorbike. The truck […]

21-Year old man dies in a car accident

Marion County – November 30, 2020 A 21-year old man from Dunnellon has died after a car accident. The young man was on SW 5th Place driving towards the intersection at SW 210th Avenue. The man failed to see a stop sign and ended up driving his car into a tree. The Ocala officials pronounced […]