Ocala, FL – December 13, 2020

SUV Overturns in a Three Car Crash in Ocala

A woman driving an SUV on Pine Road in Ocala was killed. A 16-year old woman who was driving a van failed to yield to the SUV. The SUV overturned into another car that a man was driving. The woman driving the SUV passed away at 6:43 PM. The other drivers involved in the car accident only had minor injuries.

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Marion County – December 12, 2020

Marion County Man Dies in Car Crash Fire

A man ran into a utility marker and metal sign with his car. The car later caught on fire on the side of the road. The North Central Florida man was driving on Sunset Harbor Road. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

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Summerfield, FL – December 8, 2020

An Ocala man was involved in a motorcycle accident and a truck accident. The motorcycle owner, who died a few months back was impaired when driving. He has a blood alcohol level of 0.087 and also was under the influence on marijuana when driving his Suzuki motorbike. The truck driver was turning left as the motorcycle driver hit the side of the truck and went airborne. Crumley, who was the motorcycle driver, was transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center where he died. There was video of the crash, but there was a tree that made it hard to piece together the accident.

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Summerfield, FL – December 8, 2020

3 Fords in Car Accident on US 441

A man was killed in a three vehicle accident on South U.S. 441. A Ford delivery truck and a F-150 were stopped on Del Webb Blvd at the traffic light. The victim, who was driving a Ford Escort rear ended the delivery truck and ended up flying. The two cars stopped at the light were not injured. The victim, who struck the two cars, was transported to an ER where he later passed away.

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Marion County – November 30, 2020

21-Year old man dies in a car accident. He was not wearing a seatbelt

A 21-year old man from Dunnellon has died after a car accident. The young man was on SW 5th Place driving towards the intersection at SW 210th Avenue. The man failed to see a stop sign and ended up driving his car into a tree. The Ocala officials pronounced the man dead at 7:13 a.m. The 21-year old male was not wearing a seat belt.

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